Upgrading your ride isn’t enough to win every time – you’re going to have to get creative to own the streets. Fusion Parts are a way of pushing each upgrade to its limits, giving you Evo Points to boost your ride's performance even further.

There are three types of Fusion Parts: Uncommon ( which are green), Rare (which are blue), and Epic (which are purple).

Fusion Parts are won by participating in specific events, winning in multiplayer or in the Rare Imports section. Each part is specific to a manufacturer, and can you see all Fusion Parts owned by going to the garage, tapping the (i) icon on the right hand side, and selecting Inventory at the bottom of the screen.

Fusion Parts can be applied as an upgrade with a Fusion Slot. Simply go to the upgrade screen, and find a part with an open Fusion Slot. Tap the Fusion Slot - shown below - select the Fusion Part to add, fuse it to the upgrade and watch your Evo points climb!

Fusion parts can be removed one at a time by clicking on the part you want removed, it will give a prompt on how much gold you need and the fusion part will automatically go to your Inventory. Note that, you'll need to remove them one at a time and by hierarchy. All Fusion Parts stack too, so if you’ve fused a part into a Stage 3 update but have moved up to a Stage 5 upgrade, you’ll still get the Evo Point benefits from Stage 3 part.