Your car may smoke the opposition at first, but you’ll need to upgrade it to keep on winning. To do this, hit the Upgrade Tab in the main menu. Remember that the car you have equipped will be the one you're upgrading.

Scroll through the different upgrades at bottom of the screen. Remember that sometimes increasing certain aspects of your vehicle may not be the best decision. For example, upgrading your car's Turbo to Stage 5 before improving your tires will make it harder to grip the road - something you'll want to avoid.

To change the Stage of Upgrade you have equipped, swipe left or right on the large upgrade window in the middle of the screen. If you haven't bought an upgrade, it'll cost you Cash or Gold to fit it. Starting from Stage 4, you have to wait for the upgrades to be delivered.

If you’re lucky, you’ll get your hands on some super-rare Stage 6 upgrades. These parts are even more powerful than the Stage 5 upgrades, offering improved performance and additional fusion slots.