Account bans are issued to players who break our rules of fair play. We carefully examine and review all information available to us before applying an account ban, ensuring each ban is accurate and proportionate. Depending on the circumstances we may issue temporary bans to act as a warning, or in severe cases, a permanent ban.

The following are some examples of what could result in your account receiving a ban:

• Sharing your account details with others
• Attempts to hack the game or obtain any in-game currency/items unfairly
• Abusing exploits or bugs to gain an unfair advantage or access features before the official launch. If you come across a suspected bug the best thing to do is to report it directly to us.
• Inappropriate behavior, including offensive or disruptive chat messages
• Obtaining a car which hasn't yet been released or is available in the game
• Using any third-party tools to give you an unfair advantage
• Illegitimately obtaining in-game items or currency by hacking or modifying the CSR2 application

As part of a wider roadmap of improvements to our cheater detection & banning systems, we have introduced temporary bans for some offenses. A temporary ban will remove players’ Crew RP and personal RP, and they will not be able to use Chat, engage in Crew activities such as Wildcards nor race in Live Races. Players that are temporarily banned will remain in the Crew, but won’t be able to earn Crew RP for the duration of the ban.

It is the responsibility of the account owner to make sure their profile isn’t involved in any rule-breaking, so please avoid sharing your details or profile with anyone else.

For more information, please review our Terms of Service through this link.