First, please be aware that purchases can occasionally take up to 24 hours to appear on your device - if it's been less than 24 hours since you made your purchase, please be patient, as your purchase may be stuck in traffic on their way to your game!

If you've waited 24 hours and still haven't seen your purchase, make sure that you received a receipt for this purchase - if you weren't emailed a receipt to the email account associated with your iTunes account, then your purchase didn't reach Apple, so you haven't been charged.

If you've waited 24 hours and have confirmed that you received a receipt, try turning your device off, then back on - this can sometimes force your purchase to appear.

Finally, if none of the steps above worked, please get in touch with our team by tapping the Support button in-game and selecting Billing from the FAQ category. Here’s how:

When contacting our team, please include the following in your message:
  1. Your Player ID, found in the profile menu - tap the arrow on the left of the screen to open the panel, then select the Player icon at the top, and tap profile below. Your Player ID will be a long number at the bottom of this screen - you may need to scroll down.
  2. A screenshot of your receipt, is attached to your message.
  3. A description of what happened when you made a purchase - did anything unusual happen? Did the game crash?