Dear Players,

We've recently released a new version of Draw Something on both Android (2.400.078) and iOS (3.1.83). This update has improved sign-in flow and is aimed at making the game performance better.

If you have been experiencing any issues with the game or if you are unable to reset your password, please update to the latest version by clicking on the links below:

iPhone/iOS App Store

Android/ Google Play

Please follow the below steps to request a new password for your account:

1. If prompted, please enter the email address associated with the game and tap on Submit to receive a secret code to reset your password. Please note: You will receive instructions to reset your password only if you have updated to the latest version of game. If you've been experiencing any issues, please update the game and try again.

2. Copy the secret password reset code from your email and return to the game screen.
PS: If you haven't received a code, you might still be on the old version of the game. Please update the game to the latest version and try again.

3. Use the password reset code to select a new password for Draw Something:

Please contact us if you continue to experience any issues.

Draw Something Support Team