Love playing Draw Something? Why not try Draw Something With Friends?

We have created the following FAQ to help you get started. Have fun and enjoy the game.

Please note that this game is currently only available in Canada.

How do I start a game?

To start playing, enter your display name and then click “Create” to open a private room.

How do I invite friends to play?

Once you have opened a private room, you can now invite your friends to play by sharing the codes displayed at the top of the screen.

Click the “Share” button to generate a link that you can send directly to your friends. The message reads “Come play and guess what I’m drawing!” and includes a direct link to the game. If you are playing on an Apple device, you have a number of options to send the link including email, SMS and Messenger.

Alternatively, if you are communicating with your friends on video chat, you can briefly share your screen and they will be able to scan the QR code using the mobile device.

If you are playing on your web browser, once you click the “Share” button, you will see a message saying “Message Copied”. Simply message your friend and paste (Ctrl + V) the message and send it to them.

Your friends can also join you by typing the code into the box under “Join a Game” on the home screen or by scanning the QR code using their mobile device.

Once you see your friends have joined you, click “Start Game” at the top of the screen to begin.

How do I Play?

As soon as your friends have joined you, click the “Start Game” button to reveal three options to draw.

Note: Each drawing is assigned a difficulty level (easy, medium, hard) determined by a set amount of coins; the more coins the word is worth, the harder it is to draw, and the more challenging it is for your friend to guess your drawing correctly.

After selecting a word, you will see your drawing board where you can now draw using different colors and line widths in a limited amount of time. The timer is displayed in the upper right corner.

Pencil button - allows you to draw a free-form line with the selected line width.
Eraser button - allows you to erase a certain part of the drawing.
Trash button - allows you to erase the entire drawing.

Note: You will get 0 bonus points for unguessed drawings.

After your turn, wait as your opponent chooses a word to draw.

When it’s your turn to guess your opponent’s drawing, watch out for the timer in the upper right corner and the available letters below the drawing board so you can immediately come up with a word to answer before the timer runs out.