Badges are achievements that you earn when you successfully draw words that are part of a Badge.

Earning badges is easy. As you play Draw Something normally, draw the words used in a Badge, then you get the Badge and a nice coin reward!  You need to draw the special words required to earn a specific badge.  These words randomly show up, can be in "easy", "medium", "difficult" or "special word".

And yep, your partner has to successfully guess the drawing for you to get credit. The tricky part is that the words in badges are hidden , so you're looking out for words that might be part of Badges!

Here, I'll give you an example:

The "Come On Down" Badge has 5 words. The words for this badge are supposed to be a mystery, but I'll give away this one:

Word 1 - Pony

Word 2 - Car

Word 3 - Jewelry

Word 4 - Yacht

Word 5 - Goat (this is supposed to be funny, so a courtesy LOL would be appreciated!)

When you pick the all above words, draw them, and a partner successfully guesses your drawing - you get the Badge and a onetime coin prize. Earning a Badge gets you extra coins - so try and collect them all!

To check your badges progress, simply click on badges. Then click on one of the badge  to see the words needed to earn the particular badge.