Want to check your profile and your opponent's profile? Here's how:

To access your profile, simply tap on your profile picture.

Tapping on your profile picture will automatically bring you to your profile page.

Your Profile window lets you view your basic Game Statistics such as your game won and lost, Average Game Score, Highest Game Score, Distance of Tiles Played, Unique Words Played, Current Win Streak, and Played all 7 Tiles.

Tapping on the Edit button allows you to change your Username, First and Last name, Country, Gender, College, and the email address linked to your game.

Viewing your Opponent’s profile

To view your Opponent's profile, simply tap your Opponent's name during the game.

Here, you will see your Opponent's first and last name, username, the date they started playing, country where they’re from, and their Gender.

Scrolling down will show you their: All Time Wins, Highest Game Score, Average Game Score, and Unique Words Played, and Bonus Tiles Played Per Game.