Have you come across an inappropriate ad while playing Words with Friends 2? Our team can resolve this with the help of your report.

The best way to quickly send all the needed information is to create your report within the game. How to start?

1. Open the game app on your device.
2. Tap on your Profile > Settings > Help > Inappropriate Ads > How do I report Inappropriate Ads.
3. Tap on "Contact Us" button in the top right corner of the screen.

Note: This will automatically include accurate and specific data that will speed up our investigation.

In your report, please provide the following:
  1. Date and time when you first viewed the ad.
  2. Your location (City/state).
  3. Where exactly does the ad appear? (Partial screen, full screen, or below the game)
  4. Did you see the ad on the device you are using to contact us? If not, what device and OS are you using?
  5. Did you see the ad after any unusual activity, such as being prompted to enter credentials or execute some sort of upgrade?
  6. Can you please cite an example of why this ad is inappropriate or offensive?
  7. If you are reporting multiple ads, please make sure to include screenshots and approximate times for when you saw these ads.
  8. If you have a screenshot, please provide this in your report as this helps us with our investigation.
Note: Please copy and paste these questions with your answers on the form.