This feature allows you to have more games with the stars!

Play and rematch with the WordMasters to earn up to three stars and become an expert wordie just like them. Nifty rewards also await you in this challenge!

Here’s how to play it:

1. After completing a game with a WordMaster, whether you won or lost, you will see a timer,

and option to skip the wait and play with the next opponent.

2. You can choose which WordMaster to play a rematch with. Simply go to the Solo Challenge Menu to see the personalities you previously played with in the current week.

3. Win a rematch with a particular WordMaster and get a higher score to earn more stars. You can get up to 3 stars from each Master you play with. Your progress will be displayed in your opponent's icon from the Solo Challenge page.

4. Every Star Milestone you reach comes with a Mystery Box reward!

5. If you and the WordMaster’s scores are tied, you lose the game.