The Word Wheel Mini game Event is a “Flash Event”, or a limited-time event that can be played alongside other events. This event runs for 4 days and includes 12 puzzle levels.

During the Word Wheel Mini-game Event, you can log in to complete 3 Word Wheel levels each day. Complete 12 puzzles before the event ends to win a Mystery Box!

Drag your finger over the letters in the Wheel to make words!

Words will appear above the Wheel as they are spelled.

You can only use a single letter on the wheel once.
  • If there are multiple of the same letter, each iteration of that letter can be used once.
Complete a word by simply lifting your finger from the wheel.

The puzzle is complete after you find every word on the board.

Completed puzzles cannot be replayed.

There isn't a limit on how many attempts you can make to find the correct word.