What are Quick Play Events?

In the new Quick Play Events feature, players use tickets to play minigames, earning Stars based on their performance. Events are 3.5 days long.

How do I play?

You need to spend 1 ticket to play any minigame of your choice from the current selection.

In Milestone 1, Duels will be the only minigame available, but new minigames will be added soon.

Once you start, the system will select your match. The instructions on how to win are displayed before you begin.

You will not get your ticket back if you leave your current match before it's over.


To learn more about Duels, please visit this link.

What are Stars?

Stars will measure your Leaderboard progress. Your ranking will be dependent on the number of Stars you have earned throughout the event. Your final reward will be based on your final Leaderboard ranking. Your current rank and earned Stars are displayed on top of your minigame selection.


The player’s rank on their 30-player Leaderboard is based on the number of Stars they’ve earned relative to the other players. At the end of the event, players earn prizes based on their final ranks. The leaderboard resets every 3.5 days. Tap the Leaderboard button to view your opponents’ rank. 

Rewards can be viewed on this page as well. Tap the Chest button to show the rewards.

Other players’ profiles can also be checked on the Leaderboard page. Tap the player’s photo to view his/her latest achievements.

I run out of tickets, how will I earn more?

Tickets will restore over time, and you can earn up to 3 maximum tickets.

If you do not wish to wait for your tickets to be restored, you may opt to purchase a refill using your Coins.

Can I play the event offline?

A stable Internet connection is required to access all features of the game. If you have been disconnected from your network, your game is saved, and you can tap the Continue button to return to it from the lobby.

If you have a Duel in progress, a pop-up confirmation to rejoin the Duel will appear.

When will the event end?

The event will restart after 3.5 days. A new event will start immediately after the previous one ends, making this an always-on feature similar to the Solo Challenge.