Exciting new changes are coming to the Rewards Pass!

We are adding more Coins, Tile Styles, and Powerups to Rewards Pass and reorganizing the free track to create a more satisfying reward experience for our players. Several Mystery Boxes are being combined, so each time you unlock a new tier with a Mystery Box, claiming your rewards will be more exciting!

This update will not change your Tile Styles, Profile Frames, or Stickers. Each Rewards Pass will continue to have the same number and quality of amazing cosmetic rewards you have come to expect.

The new Rewards Pass is now available. Mission to Mars (Available until July 2,2024).

What is Rewards Pass?
Rewards Pass is a new event in Words With Friends that will offer you several tiers of Free and Premium rewards to unlock throughout a Season, each lasting four weeks and occurring on a continuous schedule.
How do I play?
Complete daily, weekly, Solo Challenge, and seasonal goals to earn Keys and reach higher tiers on the Rewards track.

Unlock rewards that can include Tile Styles, Profile Frames, Stickers, Mystery Boxes, additional Powerups, and Coins. Each Season and all of its prizes are tied to a specific theme.

You can unlock the exclusive Badge for your profile once you have completed all the tiers. You can keep earning Mystery Boxes beyond the final level.

New! Rewards Pass keys can now be claimed from goal completion inlines or from the goalist in the gameboard menu. 
What is the Premium Rewards Pass?
The Premium Rewards Pass allows you to access exclusive rewards that cannot be acquired through free play. You can activate this feature through in-app purchases.

What are the benefits I can get from the Premium Rewards Pass?
Activating Premium will proactively credit you with any new rewards that you've already qualified for based on your current progress. You can also earn all possible rewards in a Season, including everything in the Free and Premium Tracks.
Note: You must still progress in the Rewards Pass by reaching higher tiers to unlock and receive these rewards. It is possible to purchase the Premium Season Pass and not win the prizes if you do not participate.