Do you want more games?! More Rewards?! More Challenges?! Well, you are going to love the Solo Challenge! This challenge will test and improve your skills against increasingly challenging Word Masters.

  • Use tickets to play the Mini-Ladders. Tickets can be purchased for coins or earned for free over time. You get 1 free ticket every 12 minutes.
  • There are 5 ladders of 5 bots each and each ladder comes with their own rewards for completion
  • Difficulty and rewards both increase as you progress through the challenge
  • Mastery Stars can be earned across the entire challenge to earn additional rewards
  • Unlock a streak by winning 4 games in a row to get additional points on your starting tiles

How will I achieve the Mastery Level?

  • Player needs to max out 3 Stars against each opponent to achieve Mastery Level.
  • If you don't get your Stars on the first try, you can try again until you finish the ladder, and earn the prestigious badge!
No need to wait for your friend to play their turn! Quickly go 5 rounds with no timed outs! Play a variety of themed characters from famous female scientists to rock bands on tour!

You also have the option to allow or disallow WordMasters from automatically starting matches with you. To do this, please refer to this link.