Looking for higher quality, active opponents and an improved Words With Friends 2 experience? Join the Club!

Clubs are a new way to find high-quality active opponents and improve your Words With Friends 2 experience. You can either join an existing Club with other players, or create a new one of your very own and invite all your friends and family!

Within Clubs, you can:
  • Interact with others in the Club Hub, a private area where you can chat or start Classic games with your fellow Club members!
  • Earn Trophies for your Club by playing Classic games, Solo Challenge, or watching Ads!
  • Rank against other Clubs on the weekly Leaderboard to see who can get the most Trophies each week!
  • Help your Club reach higher Leagues on the Leaderboard for even better prizes!
  • Win Club Coins and use them to purchase exclusive Clubs rewards, including Profile Frames and Tile Styles to show off your Club's accomplishments.

Clubs will replace Friends in the bottom navigation area of the game. You can still access your Friends list from their Player Profile. The Help and Settings buttons will be merged and accessible from a top header icon.

No matter what your play style, there’s a perfect Club for you. Check it out today!