There are a few ways you can earn Club Trophies by doing what you already like to do in the game - like playing Classic Games, playing Solo Challenge, or choosing to watch an ad. Take your pick!

Classic games: You’ll earn Trophies when you reach certain score milestones. These occur every 50 points. So the higher your score climbs in a game, the more Trophies you will bring in. You also earn Trophies for finishing a game, and even more if you win!

Solo Challenge & Flash Solo Challenge: You'll earn Trophies for hitting score milestones and for winning games against WordMasters, plus you get extra Trophies for unlocking Mastery Stars.

Trophies can also be earned by watching a limited number of ads per day on the Leaderboard tab.

Want to maximize the Trophies that your Club earns?

Consider purchasing a Trophy Boost with coins. Activating this boost doubles the number of Trophies earned for all members as long as it’s active. If more than one boost is purchased at a time, the boost will last even longer.