Clubs Daily Puzzle is an exclusive word guessing mini-game for club members only! Every day, rise and SOLVE a unique 5-letter word within 6 attempts to earn amazing rewards for you and your Club. Share and compare your results with your friends in the Club Hub, and play every day to keep up your win streak!



How do I participate in the Clubs Daily Puzzle?

To participate all you need to do is join or create a Club, for more info about Clubs please see our Clubs FAQ here. You can access the Clubs Daily Puzzle right from your Club Hub.



How often can I play the Clubs Daily Puzzle?


There is 1 new puzzle available everyday and this becomes available at 3pm Eastern Time. Once available the puzzle can be participated in throughout the 24 hour availability period until a new one is released.


How to play the Clubs Daily Puzzle:


The color of the tiles in the game board will indicate how close your guest is to the winning word!

  • Green Tile = Letter is in the game board AND in the right position

  • Yellow Tile = Letter is in the game board BUT in the wrong position

  • Grey Tile = Letter is not in the word



Foresight - Clubs Daily Puzzle Power up!


Foresight is used by tapping the eyeball button at the top of the daily puzzle game board and this power up will remove unused letter(s) from the keyboard to give you a better advantage at solving the word game.


What are the rewards for winning?


The quicker you guess the word correctly the more stars that you earn, and the more stars you earn the more trophies and club coins you will receive!

  • 3 Stars = Guess the word in first 3 rows

  • 2 Stars = Guess the word in row 4-5

  • 1 Star = Guess the word in row 6