What’s Classic is new again with Super Score!

Super Score is a new Monthly limited-time event that brings a new and exciting way to play games with your friends with fun new Bonus Tiles, Super Abilities, and rewards.

Where can I find Super Score and how do I start a match?

You can locate the event in your “Feature Carousel”, Inbox, or in your Events Tab.

To start a Match you can tap on the + icon in your game, search for your Friend’s username, choose “Super Score” and select “Play Now!

Once you’ve started a Super Score match you can identify these in your Active Games list by the Super Score icon on that specific match.

What is Super Ability and how do I activate it?

Super Ability can be activated by collecting Ability Points and filling your Super Ability meter. Once full, this can be activated to add extra points to letters on your rack.

In order to activate your Super Ability you’ll need 10 Ability Points which you can earn by playing on a Bonus Tile, playing a word, or using a Powerup in game.

One thing to note is that your Ability Points cannot be used in another Match so you’ll need to use your Super Ability on your current match once your meter is full.

What are the new Bonus Tiles and Mystery Tiles?

On your gameboard you will now see the following Tiles, QW for your Quadruple Word score and QL for Quadruple Letter score.

Also on your gameboard there will be Tiles marked with a question mark (?). These are your Mystery Tiles that can give you one of the following bonuses once you play a word on that Tile:

  • Powerful Tile - +10 letter points to a random Tile on your rack

  • Fire Tile - Ignites 3 Tiles in your rack by +5 points and lasts for 3 turns

  • Points Plus - Increases total move score by +10

  • Quadruple Word - Quadruples the move’s point value

  • Quadruple Letter - Quadruples the letter’s point value

  • Triple Word - Triples the move’s point value

  • Double Letter - Doubles the letter’s point value

  • Triple Letter - Triples the letter’s point value

  • Double Word - Doubles the move’s point value

If you’re ever unsure what they Mystery Tiles do in game, you can press and hold the Mystery Tile on your gameboard or more information

 When does a Super Score match and how do I win?

Super Score is completed in 10 moves between both players and the player with the highest score wins.

In order to tell how many moves you have left in your Match you can check above your Tile rack to keep track of your Match’s progress.

How do I complete the Super Score event?

The event will be completed once you’ve played 20 Super Score games within the time-frame. Upon completing you win a Gold Mystery Box and a Premium Tile Style!