What is Rewards Pass Plus?

Rewards Pass Plus is an upgraded Rewards Pass experience.  With Rewards Pass Plus you can unlock higher tiers instantly with 1000 bonus keys making collecting rewards and finishing the Rewards Pass track easier along with free extra Solo Challenge moves daily.

In addition, you receive all the normal benefits and perks of the existing Rewards Pass Premium purchase.


How long does Rewards Pass Plus last?

Rewards Pass Plus lasts for the same time period as the Rewards Pass. You can purchase Rewards Pass Plus with every Rewards Pass Season to keep the benefits going.


How does the bonus key grant work?

On purchase of Rewards Pass Plus, you will instantly receive 1000 bonus keys.  You will then be taken to the rewards pass track to claim all the rewards you can unlock early with your bonus keys!


How does the free Solo Challenge moves work?

When players fail to pass a Solo Challenge master (bot) they can get an extra move for free (normally this costs 30 coins).  This power recharges every 24 hours for daily use.