Dear Players,

On March 14, 2024, the “Words with Friends Crosswords”/ “Words With Friends – Word Game” game application will sunset and stop being available for play.

Is Words With Friends shutting down?

No, we are sunsetting this particular application to provide a better experience for players in Words With Friends 2 Word Game.

You can keep playing with the same account by upgrading to Words With Friends 2

To upgrade, simply visit the links below:

If you cannot install Words With Friends 2 because your device is too old, we suggest that you install Words With Friends Classic:

Will I lose anything?

No. All your matches, games, friends, progression, Coins, Powerups, AdsFree status and cosmetics will all be available under the same account in Words With Friends 2. In addition you will receive access to new features like Clubs and Events. 

Your log in information will remain the same. If you already have Words With Friends 2 installed, and you have logged in recently,  your log in should carry over to the new application seamlessly.


Where can I make personal data request for Words With Friends?

You can install the Words With Friends 2 or Words With Friends Classic game application to make a request through the app.

You can also use Zynga's Personal Data Request Portal:


Thank you,