Before each round, you will be able to select up to 3 Power-ups and 2 Mega Power-ups. Each type of power up provides a different type of advantage that can be used to achieve a higher score and gain an edge over your opponent.

The available power ups are:

Freeze - stops the clock. Sometimes you just need a moment to chill!

Inspiration - highlights a word you haven't found yet (3 uses)

Spin - shakes up the board. It helps to get a new perspective on things (3 uses)

Vision - presents you with an assortment of unfound words. Just look into the crystal

Mega Freeze - gives you 60 seconds of extra play time per round

Mega Inspire - guides to 8 of the BEST words that you haven't found yet  

Mega Blaze - when active, the score when making a word will be increased by a multiplier