Prize Chests contain a variety of Cards, as well as Tokens. Cards are used to complete the player's Collections and earn Coin rewards. Tokens can be used to spin the wheel for additional prizes.

Prize Chests are randomly awarded while spinning in machines. Higher bets will provide better Chests, and increase the likelihood of a Chest being awarded. Chests may also be given as rewards for various features and events in the game.

Average Card Rarity Rates by Chest Type:

From For The Thrones:

Chest Type Common  Rare  Epic
Bronze I78.95%21.05%0%
Silver I80%20%0%
Silver II80.95%19.05%0%
Silver III81.98%18.02%0%
Gold I80%20%0%
Gold II80%20%0%
Gold III81.54%18.46%0%
Dragonglass I82.96%14.07%2.96%
Dragonglass II82.86%14.29%2.86%
Dragonglass III83.45%13.10%3.45%
Valyrian Steel I78.75%15.63%5.63%
Valyrian Steel II80%14.55%5.45%
Valyrian Steel III80%14.71%5.29%
Iron Throne75.68%16.22%8.11%

From Collections:

Chest Type Common  Rare  Epic
Tutorial Chest50%50%0%
Daily Chest Bronze96.77%3.23%0%
Daily Chest Silver93.33%6.67%0%
Daily Chest Gold60%20%20%
Max Spins Chest75.71%22.86%1.43%
Bronze Spin Chest98.57%1.43% * 0%
Silver Spin Chest93.33%6.67%0%
Gold Spin Chest60%20% 20% 
Platinum Spin Chest   60%20% 20% 

* The first 69 cards in a Bronze Spin Chest will always be Common. Bronze Spin Chests with more than 69 cards will always contain at least 1 Rare card

From Quests & Events:

Chest Type Common Rare Epic
Platinum (Sapphire)71.43%23.81%4.76%
Platinum (Emerald)68.63%27.45%3.92%
Platinum (Gold)66.67%28.33%5%
Platinum (Platinum)65.22%30.43%4.35%
Platinum (Ruby)64.10%30.77%5.13%
Platinum (Diamond)63.22%32.18%4.60%
Platinum (Black Diamond)62.50%32.29%5.21%
Platinum (Yellow Diamond)61.90%33.33%4.76%
Platinum (Blue Diamond)61.40%33.33%5.26%