Hazards are objects that block you from matching Gems. You can remove Hazards by matching Gems next to them.

There are several types of Hazards:

1. Chocolate Boxes - Open these boxes to release the Chocolate Frog.

2. Chocolate Frogs - Collect them as soon as you can as the frogs tend to leap around.

3. Tickets - Match Gems close to the Tickets to collect them.

3. Gobstones - Match Games close to the Gobstone tray to remove one Gobstone. Once all Gobstones have been removed, space will be freed up within the Puzzle.

4. Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans- Match Gems close to the larger beans to reveal their flavors (but be careful, as some Beans are quite disgusting)!

5. Crystals - Crystals will crack and eventually break when you match Gems on the Crystal tiles.

6. Filch’s Lanterns - Match Gems next to a Lantern to light it up.

Match Gems again near the Lantern to collect it.

Lanterns may also be moved to create a match that then allows the Lantern to be collected.

7. Ice - Match Gems next to Ice to crack it.

Once cracked, match a Gem with an Ice encased Gem of the same color to clear it.

8. Fanged Geraniums - Match Gems next to Fanged Geraniums, and they will start to bloom.

9. Sorting Hats - Match Gems beneath both halves of the Sorting hat to lower it.

10. House Banners - House Banners come in different colors. Match the colored Gems next to the corresponding House Banner to collect it.

11. Cauldron - Match next to a Bottle to move it closer to the Cauldron. Continue matching until the Bottle moves into the Cauldron.

12. Marauder’s Map - Connect the Marauder’s Map to the destination by performing matches between the Map and the Door.

13. Remembralls - Match next to a Remembrall to turn it red. Make another match immediately to collect the Remembrall, or it will turn back to white.

14. Bookshelves - To collect a Book from a Bookcase, match the same color Gems as the Book. Once all of the Books from a Bookcase have been collected, the Bookcase will be removed.

15. Troll - Use Power-Ups against the Troll to cause it damage.

16. Candle - Matching next to a Candle illuminates it. Match next to the Candle again to collect it.

17. Butterbeer - Match next to the Butterbeer Barrel to release the Butterbeer. Butterbeer Barrels are removed once their number is reduced to zero. Then, match a Gem that resides upon Butterbeer to prevent it from spreading further.

18. Mail - Match next to an Owl Post to open it then match next to an open Owl Post to collect it.

19. Dragon Egg - Use Power-Ups on the Dragon Egg to hatch it.

20. Bones - Webs come in different size patches. Make a match over a Web to reveal it. Once all parts of a Web are revealed, the Acromantula will be removed from the Puzzle.

21. Vines - Match next to a Vine to clear it.

22. Locks - Match next to a Lock to reduce the counter. When the counter reaches zero, the Lock will open and reveal the contents.

23. Devil’s Snare - Match next to Devil’s Snare to destroy it or else it will keep expanding until it takes over the Puzzle.

24. Wizard’s Chess - Match like colours to collect Crown Gems and move your Chess Piece along the Path to defeat the King.

25. Mirror of Erised - Collect the desired Gems to Activate the Mirror of Erised.

26. Hovering Cake - Use a Power-Up on the Cake Stand to levitate the Cake. Move the Hovering Cake to the top of the Puzzle to collect it.

27. Enchanted Dishes - Match next to the Enchanted Dishes to clean a dish.

28. Portals - Use the Floo Network to transport Gems around the Puzzle.