Yes, you can! Combining 2 Magical Specials will create powerful combos!

Here are the effects when you combine 2 Magical Specials:

Severing Surge + Severing Surge = this will clear a row and a column (horizontally and vertically).

Severing Surge + Bombastic Bomb = this will clear 3 columns and 2 rows when combined.

Winged Key + Winged Key = this will give you 3 Winged Keys.

Bombastic Bomb + Bombastic Bomb = this will cause a massive explosion that will clear the Gems on the gameboard.

Bombastic Bomb + Winged Key = this will add a Bombastic Bomb to the Winged Key that will trigger where the Winged Key lands.

Charmed Bag + Bombastic Bomb = this will generate more bombs on the gameboard!

Charmed Bag + Winged Keys = this will generate more keys on the gameboard!

Charmed Bag + Severing Surge = this will generate more surges on the gameboard!

Winged Key + Severing Surge = this will add Severing Surge to the Winged Key that will trigger wherever the Winged Key lands.