The Creature activation user experience has been updated to provide you with more control over when and where your Creature helps you out!

Previously, the Creature meter would fill after creating the needed number of Power-Ups and the Creature medallion automatically appears on board after meter is filled. It then jumps randomly from turn to turn until activated by tapping the medallion.

Players on version 21.0.483 or higher will see a new user experience for this game feature. The Creature meter fills after creating the needed number of Power-Ups, just as before. But now, the Creature can be activated as desired by tapping the Creature icon in the top right corner of the screen. You then just have to tap a spot on the board to have the Creature medallion activate with explosively helpful results. Watch the gif below for a demonstration.

You may collect multiple creatures and you can decide which one to use during your next puzzle attempts.

In order to activate a creature, you will need to go to the Profile Panel and click on the Creature selection. In the Creature Selection dialog, you can view the benefit of each creature you own, and click the Select button at the bottom to select a creature to use.

Once a creature is selected, it will show up in your next puzzle attempts. You can only select 1 creature at a time. Be smart and strategic on which creature to use!