What is the Daily Club Puzzle?

A single puzzle is supplied to members of a Club. Each member of a Club that completes the level within the timeframe wins Trophies for their Club in the Club Leagues leaderboard. Members of the club will need to work together to get the most trophies possible.

How does the Daily Club Puzzle activate?

Club leaders and Officers may “activate” this level for a limited time each day.

How many attempts do I have to beat the level?

Attempts at this feature use up your lives. Otherwise, you can make as many attempts as the timer allows. The actual amount of time you have to beat the puzzle may vary.

Is this feature available offline?

No, the Daily Club Puzzle requires a solid data or wifi connection.

How do I earn trophies?

The Club Leader or Officer that "activated" the event and completed the puzzle will get 3 trophies. Each following Winner earns progressively more Trophies.

Why did the Daily Puzzle end when there was still time on the clock?

The Daily Puzzle will be forcibly ended (before the timer elapses) when the Leagues week concludes (Monday at 12:00 pm PST), applying collected trophies to your Club’s final total. The Daily Puzzle will be available to activate the following day.