What is “House Legends”?
House Legends is an unlockable progression of puzzles found at the end of the main progression. Playing these levels will not only be fun, but will also contribute to your weekly League standing. Making it to the leaderboard will result in fabulous in-game rewards!

Why does the House Legends feature look different from my friend’s game?
House Legends artwork is unique to the House each player chose the first time they opened Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells.

What is the House Legends Leaderboard?
Each week, players in House Legends will compete on a global leaderboard of all others playing House Legends in their house. For example, a Ravenclaw would compete on a leaderboard of all other Ravenclaws who had reached House Legends and were playing puzzles in Ravenclaw Legends that week. Ranking is based on the number of Legends puzzles completed during the week.

Is this feature available offline?
While players can play Legends Puzzles while offline, they will not be able to view the House Legends Leaderboard while offline. Puzzles completed will apply to the Leaderboard upon re-connecting to wifi or solid data network.