What is the Quidditch Event in Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells?
In the game, Quidditch is a competitive Club v Club Event. Each Club is matched with another Club within their League (i.e., Fire Diamond I). Club members will complete Quidditch Puzzles to earn Points and help their Club win the Daily Quidditch Match. At the end of each daily match, the Club with the most points will be declared the winner and will earn much better rewards.
Quidditch is planned to be live on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only.
How does it work?
The feature is accessible after Puzzle 37 for players in Clubs. Players can access Quidditch from both the Main Play Panel HUD icon and the Event Panel.

Club members will play a series of 10 progressive Quidditch Puzzles every day to earn Quidditch Points and other rewards. If a player wins on the 1st attempt, they will get 2x base Quidditch Points. Once a player completes all 10 Quidditch Puzzles, a new set of 10 puzzles will be presented with even higher Quidditch Points.
Quidditch Puzzles and Gameplay
Quidditch Puzzles come with unique new designs with Quaffle, Bludger, Golden Snitch, and Quidditch Heroes! Simply hit the Puzzle X button at the bottom of the Quidditch dialog to access these special puzzles.

The Quaffle will appear in the top right corner of the puzzle board with its own meter. Activate Power-Ups to fill the Quaffle meter. Once the meter is full, Quaffle will automatically score. It will give you Quidditch Points, fire off 3 rockets, and add 1 more move. 

Watch out for Bludgers! They are a hazard unique to the Quidditch Event. Use Power-Ups to hit those Bludgers. If Bludgers are left alone for 3 consecutive moves, they will hit the Quaffle and knock back the meter.
Golden Snitch
The Golden Snitch mini-game will be presented in some selected puzzles. Players will have a chance to tap on the flying Golden Snitch as many times as they can to earn even more Quidditch Points.
During the Puzzle before the Golden Snitch game, a Snitch may also show up. Use a Power-Up or activate your Seeker to collect the snitch to earn 2 more seconds for the Golden Snitch mini-game.
Luck Potion
Luck Potion is a new type of Power-Ups for Quidditch Puzzles only. Players can select Luck Potion from the Pre-level Dialog and activate it at the start of the puzzle. When activated, Luck Potion will swap up to 20 colored gems on the puzzle board into the same color to help fill the hero with the lowest meter.
What are Quidditch Heroes?
  • You will be able to unlock 4 Quidditch Heroes to help boost your Quidditch match and help your Club win more. Make sure you set your team before starting your Quidditch Puzzle!
  • Quidditch Heroes come from 4 different positions. Keeper, Chaser, Beater, and Seeker. Players will be able to bring 1 hero per position.
  • Each hero comes with a hero meter. Collect color gems associated with each position to fill the meter. Once the hero meter is filled, players can manually activate the hero to help win the puzzle.
  • When heroes are activated during the Quidditch Puzzle, they will deliver both the position benefit and gameplay benefits. Check out the Hero dialog to view details of each hero’s benefit.

Available Quidditch Heroes:

  • Harry Potter
  • Oliver Wood
  • Ron Weasley
  • Angelina Johnson
  • Ginny Weasley
  • Fred Weasley
  • Gregory Goyle
  • Draco Malfoy

Hero Level Up

In order to unlock a new hero, you will have to fully level up the existing hero in the same position to level 10.

Leveling up your heroes will give them more powers when triggered in Quidditch puzzles.

In order to level up any Quidditch Heroes, you will need to collect 3 types of Ribbons.

  • Common Ribbon (Green)
  • Uncommon Ribbon (Blue)
  • Rare Ribbon (Gold)
Gather as many Ribbons as you can until one of your heroes becomes ready for an upgrade! Each upgrade requires a certain amount of Common, Uncommon, and Rare Ribbons. You will see when they’re ready if their avatar has a green arrow.
Choose any of your preferred heroes that are ready to level up. Tap the Upgrade button, and then tap the Upgrade button again from the confirmation message.

While leveling up, you will be unlocking new buffs and upgrading existing buffs overtime.

There are 6 types of buffs:

  • Dropping Powerups when hero is activated
  • Clearing certain Hazards
  • Quidditch position related Enhancements
  • Quidditch Points
  • Hero Medallion
Quidditch Lives
Quidditch puzzles will cost special Quidditch lives. These Quidditch lives will be refilled every day when a new Quidditch match starts. Players can also purchase more Quidditch lives if needed. Losing a Quidditch Puzzle will cost 1 Quidditch Life. Winning a Quidditch Puzzle will NOT cost a Quidditch Life.
What kind of rewards will be available?
Each Quidditch Puzzle win will also give out Trophy, XP and Quidditch Points.
At the end of the daily Quidditch match, the winning Club will be determined based on points earned throughout the event and a rewards chest will be given out based on the player contribution. Rewards will be based on the Club league tier. Work hard to unlock a higher number of Common & Uncommon Ribbons when your club wins. Losing Clubs will also get some smaller rewards.
When players complete all 10 Quidditch Puzzles, an individual chest will also be claimed with lots of goodies.
Is this feature available offline?
No. This feature requires a strong network or wireless internet connection.

Why aren’t Creature bonuses activating on Quidditch Puzzles?

The Quidditch feature is intended to act as a unique experience. The Quaffle Meter takes the place of the Creature Meter and thus the Creature benefits are not applicable. Take advantage of the Quidditch Heroes’ bonuses to complete puzzles!

What does Breaking Records mean?

A record will be set by a Club member who contributes the most Quidditch points each day. The record can be broken if another Club member achieves the highest score for the day, and it will be announced in the Club chat.

Another record will be set by a Club that has reached the highest Quidditch points for the day which can be broken if another Club achieves the highest Quidditch points.

Become the MVP and earn bragging rights among your Club members or other Clubs!