What is the Pensieve?

Based on the unique and mysterious artifact featured in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the Pensieve is a collection-based feature in which the player can collect Memory Pieces (or mementos) to form a full memory.

How do I access the Pensieve?

The Pensieve feature is accessible to players that have reached House Legends levels at the end of the main game content.

How does it work?

Complete House Legends puzzles to unlock never-before-seen memories. Pieces of the memory will reveal themselves while you make progress in House Legends. Memories will then make up the background in the Play panel.

I am not receiving Memory Pieces after every House Legends Puzzle that I complete. Is my game broken?

No, your game is not broken. Memory Pieces will not be awarded after every puzzle. It may take multiple Puzzle wins to unlock a Memory Piece.

The Pensieve disappeared after a couple of Memories were completed. What happened?

New Memories to collect are being added all the time. When there are more Memories to be collected, you will see the Pensieve feature again.