How do I collect Magical Creatures?

Complete puzzles and events to unlock and collect powerful creatures from the Harry Potter universe. Once unlocked, Magical Creatures can be upgraded to add more benefits and rewards while they are being used.

Where can I find Magical Creature information?

Navigate to Hagrid’s Hut to see Magical Creature progress and cash in rewards for chests!

What are Creature Points?

Creature Points come from Star, Crystal, and Gold Chests. Collect each of the rewards to open a chest.

How are Stars used?

Beat puzzles to earn Stars. Use Stars to open a Star Chest and unlock and upgrade Common & Rare Creatures.

How are Creature Crystals used?

Win puzzles on the 1st try to earn Creature Crystals! Use Crystals to open Crystal Chests to unlock and upgrade Rare & Epic Creatures.

What is a Premium Chest?

Use gold to earn points for twice as many creatures including 2 guaranteed Epic Creatures!

Why do other players have creatures that I don’t?

Some creatures are released during limited time events like the Premium Puzzle Pass or Fantastic Beasts Celebrations. If you miss unlocking a certain creature during one of those times, you may see it again in the future!

Additionally, some creatures are made available after completing a certain amount of levels. You can find locked Magical Creature requirements by going to Hagrid’s Hut, then selecting, “Locked”.

How do I unlock a Dragon?

We understand the excitement to unlock Dragons as they are exceptionally powerful! To access Dragons, a player’s Club must be in League Tiers Fire Diamond I- Champions Arena, and they must have enough Creature Points to unlock each Magical Dragon.

Check out some of the latest updates to our Magical Creatures:

  • Previously weaker Creatures (such as the Brown Rat) now have a larger starting Blast!
  • All Creatures can upgrade to an incredibly powerful Mega Blast on Tier 5.
  • The Creature Meter now charges by collecting Gems! Using in-level Power Ups, such as Magic Strike or Land Slide, can charge it even faster.
  •  All Creatures now require the same amount to fill the Creature Meter.
  • Win streak benefits are unified across all Creatures!
  • All Creatures get a special boost depending on their rarity!
  • Creature benefits are no longer available on Club Challenge, Spell Upgrade Opportunity Puzzles, or the Daily Club Puzzle.