The Special Delivery Event is a new chance-based feature in Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells that will give players a chance to win fabulous in-game prizes.

How does it work?

Players will be asked to choose one (1) of four (4) parcels. Each parcel has a chance to contain a prize. If you claim a prize, you will get to choose again from a new set of parcels, adding prizes to your potential rewards. Rewards get more valuable as you progress to the next tier. You can claim your rewards at any time - doing so will end your progression up the tiers.

Choose carefully, as one parcel contains a Howler!

If you manage to complete all 30 tiers, a special grand prize awaits you!

What happens if I get a Howler?

If you pick the Howler, all rewards collected are removed and your attempt is at an end. If you still want to keep going, you can continue using Gold or, if available, watch an ad.

How do I get more attempts at the Mystery Prize?

Players will receive a free attempt each day. The daily free attempt is added every day at 12am PST.

Additional attempts are received after completing a few puzzles in main play or Legends. Be sure to use the attempt when you earn it, as earned attempts do not stack.

What kind of rewards will be in Special Delivery?

Possible rewards include:

  • Gold
  • Blooming Burst
  • Obliterate
  • Destructive Surge
  • Severing Surge
  • Magic Strike
  • Unlimited Pre-level Bombs
  • Unlimited Pre-level Lightning
  • Unlimited Pre-level Keys
  • Trophies
  • Creature crystals
  • Bombs
  • Lightnings
  • Winged Keys
  • Stars
  • Unlimited lives
  • XP

Is the feature available offline?

No, Special Delivery is only available with a network connection.