Broom Race is a competitive event with 5 players in which you will be pitted against one another to see who can complete the most Player Journey or Legends Puzzles.

How does it work?

  • You will participate in 3 rounds of ‘races’.

  • You will be grouped with 4 new players each round.

  • You will have a set goal of Puzzles to complete (for example: the first to complete 15 Puzzles wins). Simply be the first to hit the goal to win the round.

  • At the end of each round, the top 3 players will receive rewards before proceeding to the next round.


How are players grouped?

You will be grouped together with other players who have similar engagement behavior. Otherwise, your groups are completely random.

What kind of rewards do winners receive?

Rewards will vary depending on how you rank at the end of each race. Rewards will become progressively more valuable each round. Check the Events panel in-game to see rewards at the end of the event!

Is this feature available offline?

No. Though the event card will be visible, a network or wifi connection is required to participate in the event.

Note that going offline during the event may prevent completed puzzles from being calculated in progress and not being online when the event starts may prevent being placed on a leaderboard.