What is the Fabulous Fortunes Event?

Fabulous Fortunes is an exciting in-game event that is available for a limited time, and it gives you a chance to utilize great rewards!

How does Fabulous Fortunes Work?

While completing your Player Journey Puzzles, you will receive a fortune from the Crystal Ball in the form of a random Puzzle Enchantment.

Random Puzzle Enchantments:

  • Grand Prize (increase)
  • Creature Meter full at level start
  • +1 Move
  • +2 Moves
  • Most powerful Creature
  • Creature of the week
  • Accio Keys cast at the start of every level
  • Accio Creature cast at the start of every level
  • +5 Trophies
  • Infinite Seeker
  • Infinite Bomb
  • Infinite Splitter
  • Bonus Level

Once the Puzzle Enchantment is shown, you will keep it for a limited number of puzzles as long as you maintain your winning streak. After the limited number of puzzles are complete, the Crystal Ball will reveal a new Puzzle Enchantment.

How does the Fabulous Fortunes event grant rewards?

The Puzzle Enchantments in the Fabulous Fortunes event are granted randomly.

How do I win the Grand Prize Gold?

Just like the other rewards, the Grand Prize Gold is randomized. You have a chance to win it with every Puzzle Enchantment revealed.

Is Fabulous Fortunes available offline?

As long as players start engaging with the event online, they should be able to continue playing offline.