Quidditch Practice is a limited-time event that lets you prepare for the weekly Quidditch competitions. Completing tasks will earn you rewards and buffs that will be applied in the next Quidditch event.

How does it work?

  • Quidditch Practice is only available to Club members.

  • It is an alternative event while Quidditch is inactive.

  • During this event, an Event Card will be shown each day to represent the Quidditch Practice Task for the day and its corresponding reward. Once you complete the task, you'll earn buffs and rewards that will come in handy during the next Quidditch event.

What Rewards can I get in the Quidditch Practice?

Aside from Quidditch Lives and Luck potions, you will also earn the following Quidditch Buffs that will help you earn more Quidditch Points to contribute to your Club:

  • +1 Quidditch Points on Snitch Tap

  • +3 Quidditch Points on Quaffle Goals

  • +1 Rocket from Quaffle Goals

Note: These buffs can only be claimed once per week, and will be automatically applied when you enter the Quidditch competition.