Are you ready to participate in a thrilling competition and have the chance to win amazing Rewards? Introducing Gringotts Treasure

Compete against other players and complete 7 puzzles consecutively in 24 hours.

Winning puzzles on your first try will let you advance to the next stage. If you lose a puzzle along the way, you will fail the challenge. Win all 7 puzzles consecutively to get a share of the Grand Prize!

Note: The Grand Prize will be shared equally among the other players who have successfully completed all 7 puzzles.

Join the challenge to see if you have what it takes to defeat puzzles and share a Grand Prize!

Will I get a share of the Grand Prize if I only complete a few puzzles?
No. You need to complete all 7 puzzles in order to receive a share of the Grand Prize.

Is this feature available offline?
You need to be online to start the event. After that, you can play it completely offline.