[September 18, 2018]
Dear Commanders!

Our team is continuously working hard to give you the best playing experience and what motivates us is you! We have received hundreds of requests from across community and forums with regard to the new Gifting System and decided to go back to the previous system after hearing all your concerns. Your feedback has always been our priority and we hope that you continue sharing with us your views and help us make your favorite game better every day.

Thank you and enjoy playing Empires and Allies!


[September 3, 2018]

Good Morning Commanders!

The changes for Alliance jumping and gifting are now being rolled out. Many of you have raised valid concerns regarding these, and we would like to clarify a few points.

Firstly, a recurring concern was that jumping will be blocked – this is not our intention. We understand that many of our loyal players jump Alliances for the thrill of battles, so we have no immediate plans of stopping it. We will only gradually reduce Alliance War loot gained for every Alliance switched; however, the minimum AvA loot will not be lower than that earned via Quick Matches.

Second, we have tied the loot earned with the number of flags captured. This is done so that like players who switch benefit from the additional War, the alliance also benefits from the player joining.

Finally, we are working hard on fixing all the other issues that many of you have raised, such as matchmaking with the same opponents and error codes. We are also looking into your feedback on how we can improve Alliance Missions. We will give an update on these soon.

Thank you all for your patience. See you on the battlefield.

Over & Out,
Team E&A

[August 28, 2018]

In continuation of our efforts to fix persisting issues in the game including performance (crashes, errors etc.) as well as overall balance in combat, we would like to share certain changes we are planning for Alliance Wars.

We have known for some time that there are certain players who switch alliances very frequently (some up to 50 times a day) in order to gain resources and war factory components from multiple Alliance Wars. We have always held this as detrimental to the game since this gives a small number of players an advantage over everyone else in terms of faster progression as well as better offense/defense. We blocked this behavior for some time in Nov ’16, however from the player feedback we found there were some players who were switching alliances frequently for another reason. We found a lot of players were doing this not for extra rewards but because they wanted to play more Alliance battles simply because they found them more fun. This is something we didn’t want to prevent and decided to roll back the changes at the time.

For many months now, we have been working on something really exciting to solve this problem of players not having enough opportunity to play as a team against other teams. Alliance Missions is our answer to this sentiment. We have carefully designed Alliance Missions to be highly intensive, engaging and of course social. As you may be aware, we have currently done a Beta launch and we will keep fixing/adding things basis your response and feedback. Also, we are already planning to add other interesting features to make it even more fun.

Coming to Alliance Wars, we will not prevent players from participating in multiple Wars if they so choose. However, we have decided to progressively reduce the ‘max’ rewards obtainable from Alliance Wars with every additional Alliance switch players do in a day. This reduction will continue until the rewards are comparable with other battle modes eg. Quick matches. Additionally, only for players who are switching Alliances, the rewards will also be scaled proportionally to the number of flags they win (with the ‘max’ reward above as the cap). This is to ensure that Alliances these players join actually benefit from the new members. Spectators of an Alliance War will not get any loot, this is to encourage participation of alliance members in the Wars. Finally, we wish to clarify that players who are not switching Alliances but participating in the War will not be impacted in terms of quantity of resources or war factory components they win from Alliance Wars. However, the expiry time for Alliance Wars rewards in the gift inbox will be reduced to 7 days for all players.

Finally, we are also introducing some changes to the gifting system as part of our effort to ensure compliance with new GDPR laws. Going forward players who need resource assistance can continue to make a request to their Alliance Members and friends. However, a player cannot select another player and choose to send them resources without receiving such a request first. Additionally, we will be introducing a per day cap on the number of times such requests can be made.

All of the above improvements will be made live in a few days. While we understand there will be a period of difficulty in getting used to these changes, we firmly believe these will go a long way in fixing common issues players are facing. We will continue to work on these and other issues that you share with us, we do request your support in making E&A better for everyone.

Over & Out,
Team E&A.