Farmhands help you expand your farm faster by doing a variety of tasks. To unlock a Farmhand for your farm, you need to collect Farmhand Stickers which you can get from Reward Boxes, Market Stand Visitors, or the Merchant.

To view the Farmhands that you can use, tap the Sticker button on the right side of the screen.

To view your Farmhands' profiles, tap on their images.

All Farmhands are unique and have different skills. A Farmhand’s profile will show you the following info:

  • Sticker design
  • Level
  • Name
  • Specialization
  • Requirements to unlock, train, and level up

To train and level up your Farmhands, you need to collect Farmhand stickers. You can get Stickers from Reward Boxes, or by purchasing them from the Merchant.

Once you have collected enough Stickers, you can train and level up your Farmhand using your Coins.

Training your Farmhand will improve their skills. Upgraded and trained Farmhands can work faster using less energy.