A neighbor can send you gifts and help you with your farm. A neighbor can also visit and view your farm.

The option to add neighbors is available from Level 5. The Friend button will appear on the left side of the game screen.

You have the option to connect your game to Facebook and invite your Facebook friends to become one of your neighbors. Connect your game to Facebook and receive Gems in return!

You can also explore and visit Farms from people who are also playing FarmVille 3. Tap Explore to visit their Farms. You can also find a specific player by name using the Search button.

While visiting another farm, you can tap the Follow button to add them as your neighbor.

Your neighbor is then automatically added to the Friends tab.

Your neighbor will be notified of your visit and once they visit your farm, they can tap the Follow Back button.

Following each other will change your relation from neighbors to Friends.

Note: You can unfollow Friends by tapping on their profile then tap the Following button.

A confirmation message will appear on your screen.