The Merchant, which is available at Level 5, sells valuable items and offers great deals that are very useful on your farm. To get special Daily Deals, tap on the Merchant building.

There are four tabs to choose from: DealsCrops & GoodsExotics, and Pets.

Tap on the Deals tab to view the animals and resources that are on offer.

Tap on the Crops & Goods tab to view the products that you can purchase such as farm supplies, ingredients, raw materials, and already completed products.

The Exotics tab is where you can access different types of Exotic Chests to collect Exotic Animals. To unlock, you need to complete the Exotic Quests Chapter 2.

The Pets tab is where you can purchase different types of Pets using Pet Tokens. Other Pets will be unlocked after reaching a certain game level.

Don't forget to collect your daily Free Offer from the Merchant.