You can start a new Co-op by tapping on the Townhall.

Next, tap on the Create  button.

You can now give your Co-op a name, description, and a Badge!

After providing the details for the Co-op you have created, tap on the Next button.

You can choose from these Co-op types: OpenRequest  To Join, or Invite.

Next, choose what game Level you would like your members to have reached to be able to join by tapping on the left or right arrows.

You can also select your Co-op Tags by tapping the Edit  button, then choose up to 5 tags you would like to use.

To set the common language that you prefer all Co-op members to use in the Co-op chat, tap on the language displayed next to "Chat Language" and then select the preferred chat language. This will also help potential Co-op members make a decision on which Co-op to join.

Tap on the Save  button to confirm your action.

Once you have made your selections, create the Co-op by using Gems.