How do I use Weather Boosts?

When you have reached Level 19, the Weather Station Expansion will be available for you to unlock. You have to complete Chapter 7 of Exotic Quests before you can build the Weather Station.

Collect the required materials to complete the construction then tap Build.

Tap the Van, then tap the Weather button to check the static set of boosts that you can activate.

The available Boosts and requirements to activate are displayed on the right. If you have all the materials, activate a Boost by tapping the Activate button.

All active Boosts and their duration, as well as the effects they have on your farm, can be seen on the left.

Keep playing to level up and unlock new types of Boosts, as well as additional slots for active Boosts.

After you reach the required level in the game, you may now unlock additional slots using Gems.

Note: Weather Van boosts are only applied to items who begin production AFTER the boosts have been activated. If you had items in production when you activated the Weather Van boost, they will not benefit from its activation. Always think ahead and plan boost use strategically!