Once the Exotic Animals feature is unlocked, build a home for the animals. Each home can accommodate 3 Exotic Animals.

Next, build a Ranger Station on your farm so you can start exploring. You can send your Exotic Animals on the hunt by tapping the Compass button in the Ranger Station or on your farm.

Here is the map showing available Quests. Unlock each Chapter by completing Quests and Missions.

Pick an Exotic Animal from your collection or assemble the perfect team for each mission by dragging each animal to the slot. You may also tap each slot and it will automatically assign an animal with the highest Power.

Start the hunt for rare items using Animal Energy.

Animal Energy allows you to send animals on Quests. It recharges over time so you can either wait for it to be filled, watch an ad or purchase more using your Gems.

The Power Gauge fills as you assign an animal for the mission. The bars in the Power Gauge represent the number of attempts you can make to search for the reward.

With a full gauge, you have 5 attempts to find the treasure. To search for the hidden treasure, let’s try tapping one of the objects of the forest.

Once the Treasure is found, tap the treasure box to collect your rewards.

Check out the GIF below for a demonstration.

As you go through the Chapter Quests, you will have the chance to earn items that will help you with your farm. Tap the quest icon to check the possible rewards that you can win!

You will also have the chance to unlock buildings on your farm.