In order to train Exotic Animals, you will need to collect Elixirs first. You can get Elixirs as a reward for completing deliveries from the Pier, completing the Animal Quests, or selling Exotic Animals.

Tap the Exotic Animal that you want to train, then tap the Info button.

Alternatively, you may also visit your Exotic Animals from the Animal Collection.

Tap the Exotic Animal that you would like to train.

You will see the current Level, Animal Power, and Skill of your Exotic Animal. Tap the Train button and you will see all the Elixirs you’ve collected.

You can select multiple Elixirs and combine them with different types of Elixirs from your collection. Start training your Exotic Animals by tapping the Train button again using your Coins.

Training Exotic Animals with Elixirs increases their Power and Level.

The maximum level of Exotic Animals depends on their rarity. The rarity for each Exotic Animal is displayed by its maximum number of stars. There are 4 different rarities:

Common - 1 Star
Uncommon - 2 Stars
Rare - 3 Stars
Epic - 4 Stars

Tap on the Star button to view the level requirement the Exotic Animal needs to reach before it can be evolved. You will also see the Evolution Material you need to collect.

If you have trained your Exotic Animal up to its maximum level, you can Evolve it using Evolution Materials, if its rarity is uncommon or higher. Evolution Materials can be obtained from Sky Race, Exotic Animal Quests and the Merchant.

Note: You can only Evolve an animal that has a star stamp.

Evolving your Exotic Animal fills up a star out of its maximum number of stars, increases its maximum level as well as its Power in Exotic Animal Quests and unlocks new skills.

Once you have filled out the maximum amount of stars for your animal, it can't be evolved any further.

If you have trained your Exotic Animal up to its maximum level, you have the option to Sell an Exotic Animal for a great prize!

Remember that you cannot sell the last Exotic Animal of a Category.