When you have reached Level 10, the Boat Harbour Expansion will be available for you to unlock. You have to complete Chapter 1 of Exotic Quests before you can build the Pier.

Boat Deliveries will be unlocked after you have completed the construction of the Pier.

For the Boat Deliveries, you need to pack items of the required category to earn Boat Ribbons. Collect Boat Ribbons to win Exotic Ticket Rewards!

To complete these deliveries, you need to pack boxes with Goods from your Inventory. Each box accepts a certain type of item. Tap a crate to start loading the items you can send, then tap the Load button.

All items you send will award different amounts of Boat Ribbons. Collect Boat Ribbons and once you reach specific milestones you will win Exotic Ticket Rewards!

Pack higher-value items and level up your Farmhand to increase the Ribbon Value and earn better rewards!

Then, tap the Boat button in the lower-right corner to deliver your Boat Shipments.

Even if the boxes aren't full, you can still ship the items, but you will receive fewer rewards.
Collect your rewards and prepare for new shipments while you wait for the Boat to come back.

You may visit the Pier to check for the Expected Orders, or use Gems to speed up the Boat’s return.