When you’ve reached Level 32, the Fisherman’s House and Fred Gillman Farmhand will be available for you to unlock.

After the construction of the Fisherman’s House, you’ll be able to unlock different Fishing Spots once their Level requirements are reached. Each Fishing Spot provides unique Fish produce and needs specific Lure before you can start fishing. Fishing Lures can be made at the Lure Maker.

Tap on the Fishing Spot and assign a Farmhand that is specialized in Fishing. In the example below you can see the Tuna Spot for which you will need a Tuna Lure in order to complete the Fishing action. You’ll also be able to view the amount of time needed and the reward you can get once the Fishing is complete.

A green pie meter will indicate that your Farmhand is at work. Tap it for additional information or to speed up the Fishing using Gems.