Where can I get Ad Rewards?

Three ads with rewards will be available every 24 hours in the game’s shop. Simply tap on ‘Watch Ad’, watch the full ad and collect your reward afterwards. Any available ads that you did not watch during a 24 hour cycle are forfeited, so make sure to watch all  ads daily in order to maximize your rewards!

What are Ad Chests?

Occasionally, Ad Chests may appear on your farm. These chests will prompt you to tap on them and watch an ad for a reward.

What do I do if I receive an ‘Ad is not available’ message when I tap on an ad?

If you received an ‘Ad is not available’ message when attempting to watch an available ad, you should ensure that your connection to the internet is stable. Then attempt to force close and restart the game in order to refresh the connection to the ads network. If ads continue to fail to be displayed, please contact our highly skilled Player Support Team with as many details as possible about the issue and we will be more than glad to investigate on your behalf!

Note: Please make sure that the time settings on your device are correct for your time-zone, as the availability of ads is determined by our game server. Incorrect time settings on your device may negatively impact your gaming experience.