The easiest and safest way to recover an old account is to have it connected to Facebook, a Zynga email address or an Apple ID. This way, your progress is saved in the cloud. When starting a new game, you will see a ‘Sign In’ button at the beginning of the tutorial. Tap that and sign in with your preferred method in order to recover your farm. You may also sign in at any given time by tapping on ‘Settings’ (the gear icon on the top right of your screen) and selecting the sign in option of your choice.

Note: We strongly recommend to always use the cloud method of your choice to store your progress safely. If your old account was only stored locally and was never connected to the cloud, it may be impossible to recover. If you are attempting to recover a local account, please contact our Player Support Team with as many details as possible, including :

  • The name of your farm
  • The name of your co-op (if applicable)
  • Your in-game level
  • The email address that you made purchases with (if applicable)