Sky Race is a competitive Co-op vs Co-op feature where you earn Race Points by completing Tasks. Race Points earned allow you to collect rewards in week-long Race events! Compete with other Co-ops in the leaderboard using your Race Points to progress in the Leagues.

When you have reached Level 20, you will be able to unlock the feature. Players have to be in a Co-op to participate in the Sky Race.

The Sky Race can be accessed by tapping the balloon button on the left side of the screen or by visiting the giant balloon on the left side of the Farm.

This new Sky Race season brings a Spanish charm to your Farm starting on the following dates:

  • Spanish Sojourn I - March 26, 2024 to April 29, 2024
  • Spanish Sojourn II - April 30, 2024 to May 3, 2024

Complete Tasks to win all the Spanish Sojourn building skins for your Farm!



Tasks require you to complete objectives on the Farm. See examples below:

  • Complete Visitor Orders
  • Produce and Collect
  • Win Exotic Animal Quests
  • Earn Coins
  • Clear Rubble
  • Fully Load Boat - To count for the Sky Race goal, all three milestones for the Boat Orders must be achieved.

You can choose one Task to complete at a time from the Sky Race Task Board and you can complete up to 8 Tasks per Sky Race. Choose a Task from the Available Tasks list, then tap the Start button.

Tasks are limited by time. The Co-op Race Points you earned for each Task are added towards the milestone rewards and Leaderboard. Completed Tasks also reward you with Tokens to spend in the Sky Race Store.

The Task you selected will be included in the Active Tasks area. You will see your progress in the Task Journal.

You can also see your progress on the Task by tapping the Task Progress button on the left side of the screen.

Tasks can be discarded before they are started to try to find better Tasks. You can discard a Task by tapping the Cancel button.

When you cancel a Task, not only that you will incur a penalty on the Co-op's total score, but you will also not earn Race Points or Sky Tokens. A canceled Task will reduce the count of Tasks left, so choose your Tasks carefully.

Tap the Request button to notify your Co-op about the consumable items you need.


Races and Seasons:

Tap the Season tab to view which Sky Race is currently in progress, and when the season will end. Each Season contains 4 Races and each Race lasts one week. There is one off-season Race between Seasons.

Each Season comes with a theme and brings new limited-time or seasonal content into the game. Seasonal content is available for purchase in the Sky Race Store until the start of the next Season.

You need to start a Task to join the Sky Race.

Tap the Race tab and look for your Co-op’s badge to view your Balloon’s progress. The Race Points you’ve earned from completing Tasks move your Balloon in the Race.

Once a Sky Race is finished, you will be able to see the results and collect your rewards.


Race Leaderboard and Milestone Rewards:

As your Balloon progresses in the Race, your Co-op unlocks milestone rewards.

In the Race tab, you will also see the Total Points your Co-op earned in the current Sky Race. Keep completing Tasks to earn more Race Points. Get the most Race Points for your Co-op to reach the top of the Leaderboard!

Tap on the Statistics button to see your ranking in the Race Leaderboard.



At the end of each Race, the top 3 Co-ops in the Leaderboard are promoted to the next higher League while the bottom 3 Co-ops are demoted to the next lower League. Co-ops in 4th-12th place will remain in their current League.

Reach the top of the Leagues to get better rewards for your Co-op.


Season Leaderboard:

Once you have reached the Gold League, your Co-op’s two highest scores for the Sky Races will count towards the Season Leaderboard. Beat all other Co-ops around the world and reach the top of the Leaderboard!


Sky Race Store:

You can use the Tokens you earned from completing Tasks in the Sky Race Store. Tokens earned during the Season can be used until the start of the next Season. New Seasons of the Sky Race will have new rewards in the Sky Race Store.

Note: If you change Co-op while a Sky Race is in progress, you will not be able to contribute to your new Co-op's Sky Race progress until the next week. This is done in order to safeguard the integrity of the game and ensure that Sky Race remains a fun and challenging event for all. If you intend to switch Co-ops, make sure to do it when a given Sky Race week or season has finished.