Museum Events are limited-time events that become available to you when you reach Level 22. You can access these events from the Museum Building on the left side of the farm.

New, unique event themes will periodically appear on your farm. Each event lasts for 11 days and has a three day cooldown between new events.

For these events, you will complete Museum Tasks by fulfilling orders before they expire to earn Event Points. Three tasks are displayed to you at a time.

The Event Points you earn unlock exclusive prizes, new materials and crafts that will help you earn more points!

You can fulfill the orders by crafting unique event items for the Museum at the Prehistoric Tent.

Every event has its own unique pop-up where you can search for materials used in crafting the order items. The Prehistoric Cave is the pop-up for the Prehistoric Exhibit event.

In the pop-up, you will search for materials by using Museum tools.

The items you crafted in the Prehistoric Tent and collected from the Prehistoric Cave will be stored in the Barn and can be sold for Coins.

You can find additional crafting materials and Museum tools by clearing exclusive Geode Fossil before they disappear. Clear this unique rubble by using a Farmhand and energy. Better tools will offer better collectibles!

Be on the lookout for bonus items around the farm. You can find these items when you harvest crops and collect from animals.

Museum Events Rewards

Collect your prizes from the rewards tab. The rewards tab displays all the possible individual rewards you can unlock for the event. Each event features new exclusive rewards!