Food Truck Events are limited-time events that become available to you when you reach Level 13 (some themed events may have a higher level requirement for participation, for example, you will need to be level 16 to access the Taco Truck Event). This new feature offers alternate events while the Museum Events are inactive. You can access the Food Truck Events from the events area on the left side of the farm.

While the Food Truck is at the farm, your task is to serve your customers and complete their orders. You can complete only one order at a time. Tap on the order to view how to complete it. Previewing your next orders will require the use of Energy.

The orders can be crafted in the Dessert Stand and Bakery. (Different crafting stations may be used for themed events. For example, the Taco Truck event products may be crafted in the BBQ Stand and Bakery.)

To complete an order, you will need to grow a specific crop that can only be planted during the event. To grow this crop, you have to collect Mulch which you can get from the Mulch Generator. Collect from the generator regularly as it will stop making Mulch when it is full. Mulch is only available while the Food Truck Events are active. When you have collected the Mulch, you can now plant the event-specific crop in the existing fields.

When you run out of Mulch, you’ll get a pop-up to either wait for the free ones to generate or purchase them using Gems.

During the Taco Truck event for example, you will grow Red Beans. After planting and harvesting the Red Beans, grind them in the Mill. The Red Beans you will not yet use will be stored in the Silo.

Tap on the Serve button to fill up an order and you will earn Event Points.

Use the Event Points to redeem rewards!

Collect enough Event Points to reach all of the event milestones and claim exclusive Milestone Rewards.

You can earn more Event Points by hitting the bonus goal before the timer runs out.

Note: Mulch may have different appearances between events, but still works in the same way!